November 1st
Pre Victory Rally

Improving Our Schools

Mike Spano is succeeding in making our schools better, reversing years of cuts that shortchanged our children. No one has fought harder to increase City and State funding for Yonkers schools.

That’s why in September Yonkers schools will add 25 more teachers and more than a dozen teacher’s aides. Plus the Spano Administration is instituting universal Pre-K, which is proven to boost children’s performance in schools and improve graduation rates. Yonkers will also increase classes for English language learners.

Under Mike Spano’s leadership graduation rates, reading and math scores have all increased every year.  “Nothing is more important than providing a good education for every student in Yonkers. In the past our schools took a back seat. No longer. Now we are putting education first by giving our schools the funds that our kids deserve.” Mike Spano

Controlling Taxes

Mike Spano has led the way in keeping Yonkers within the State property tax cap, which this year is just 1.67%. “It’s not easy for homeowners to come up with the money for the property tax bill. Our job is to keep it as low as we can, which is why I pledge to continue to stay within the tax cap.” Mike Spano

Besides maintaining the property tax cap, Mike Spano expanded the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (Scrie) to cap the rent lower income seniors, and he expanded the property tax exemption for veterans in recognition of their service to our country. No one is working harder to keep property taxes under control.

Providing Jobs and Economic Growth

Mike Spano succeeded in restarting stalled development projects throughout the City, bringing thousands of new jobs to Yonkers and improving our City’s economy.

The City’s employment rate is one of the best in the state, sales tax collections are increasing, and new businesses are opening every month.Three major hotel chains have come to Yonkers just the past year, there’s a new brew-pub in the increasingly-lively downtown, and even buildings

like the long-empty Boyce Thompson property are being renovated and providing jobs. “When one of the new high tech companies opened in the downtown, we found that 20% of their employees are from Yonkers. We are bringing all kinds of businesses to this city, and creating jobs for all skill levels. That’s what we will keep doing, creating jobs for people of every educational level who want to have a future here.” Mike Spano